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全民医疗保健(HCFA)是一个基于各州的消费者健康倡导组织,成立于1985年. HCFA’s mission is to advocate for health justice in Massachusetts by working to promote health equity and ensure coverage and access for all. 该组织在其工作中被认为是国家的领导者.

保健协会的重点是扩大获得保健的机会, improving quality, and bringing down health care costs in Massachusetts through its leadership of and participation in numerous policy advocacy coalitions. These coalitions bring together a wide variety of organizations to work collaboratively to make meaningful health policy changes. 通过联合不同的选民,HCFA能够在许多方面扩大其永利体育官方app的影响范围. HCFA also helps thousands of individuals and families each year to enroll in and renew their health insurance and troubleshoot health coverage issues through a unique, 多语言消费者帮助热线. HCFA uses the health care access barriers that HelpLine callers report to inform a state-level health advocacy agenda.

该组织的成就包括领导了马萨诸塞州四次广泛的医疗改革浪潮, 包括2006年《永利体育官方》(ACA)的前身立法,. Legislation in 2012 resulted in the nation’s first comprehensive law aimed at controlling health care cost growth through adoption of alternative payment methodologies; care coordination; and investments in technology, wellness and prevention. Today, HCFA is leading the campaigns and coalitions necessary to defend the progress that has been made in health care access and affordability, 与此同时,重点关注可以在州一级做出的改善,以解决卫生公平问题.


HCFA的办公室位于波士顿市中心的中心. HCFA目前的工作方式是在家工作和面对面工作,员工每周在办公室呆三天.


HCFA seeks a motivated and experienced 人力资源和运营经理 to join HCFA’s operations and administrative team. HCFA的这个新职位将与执行主任合作, Chief of Staff and Chief Operating Officer to run and manage all aspects of the organizations work related to personnel policies and procedures, recruitment, orientation, staff training, performance management, compensation and benefits management. The 人力资源和运营经理 will serve as the personnel liaison between management and employees and will work to identify, 分析并解决人力资源和运营方面出现的问题. The 人力资源和运营经理 will also work with management to coordinate with outside vendors for HR and operations and to analyze systems in order to make improvements for efficiency and productivity. 合适的候选人应该是那些愿意处理所有大大小小的项目并关注细节的人, flexibility and clear communication. The 人力资源和运营经理 is critical to the success of all teams and departments of the organization.


Human Resources

  • 与管理团队和供应商合作管理所有公司福利计划,包括员工登记, terminations, and changes; conduct new employee benefit and payroll orientation; conduct open enrollment and other benefit support functions; and serve as a resource to employees with benefit-related questions and issues
  • 维护员工档案,完整记录税务和福利信息, job descriptions, dates and conditions of hire, salary adjustments, 及其他与聘用条件或工作表现有关的事项
  • 与管理层和供应商协调,维护个人工时记录和休假授权
  • Collaborate with the Chief of Staff and Chief Operating Officer to advise and update staff as needed on personnel policy or procedures. 建议修改人事永利体育官方app, procedures, 或者在需要的时候帮助他们实现
  • Oversee HCFA’s recruiting and hiring process including working with the management team and hiring managers to define strategic staffing plans, finalize job descriptions, 筛选申请人并促进面试过程
  • 协调HCFA新员工/实习生入职和入职培训流程,包括材料, technology and office set-up
  • Handle all administrative matters related to retaining and terminating employees including preparing relevant employee correspondence and facilitating office space and technology access changes
  • 与HCFA的财务团队合作,准备并提交双月工资表, 维护相应的扣款计划并及时发送扣款
  • Collaborate with the Chief of Staff and Chief Operating Officer to ensure that HCFA remains current with all federal and state personnel law and requirements
  • 准确及时地回答管理层和员工提出的问题,以解决或避免人事问题


  • 与办公室主任和首席运营官合作,管理IT供应商和技术基础设施. Conduct planning to ensure connectivity and communications needs are met and to keep abreast of appropriate ways to enhance the organization’s technology infrastructure
  • Coordinate with the IT Vendor to ensure hardware and software installation and upgrades for all organizational technology are completed on a timely basis
  • 确保及时发现和解决技术问题. 识别基础设施和设备需求以提高效率
  • Coordinate with HCFA leadership on HIPPA Compliance matters including interfacing with vendors and executing activities related to policy and procedures established by a WISP and/or HIPPA Compliance Program

Operations Management

  • 为HCFA管理层提供组织项目和沟通支持.e. 促进和促进与业务和程序有关的全组织的沟通)
  • Work with HCFA management to sustain and evaluate existing administrative systems and vendors in order to promote efficiency and identify opportunities for system improvements
  • Oversee operations vendor management, 办公室管理和设施与行政团队合作
  • Oversee over-all office administration to ensure that the team has what it needs to be comfortable and successful; plan ahead and help ensure investments are made that maintain an excellent office environment
  • 与HCFA管理层合作,制定和实施长期和短期的空间规划, coordinate facilities planning, telecommunications, and office equipment needs
  • 根据需要与HCFA管理层协调必要的组织永利体育官方需求. Work with management as well as the organization’s broker to maintain updated insurance schedules and complete insurance renewals as-needed.
  • 定期向HCFA管理层提供最新信息,报告任何特殊需求并提出建议
  • Other duties as assigned




  • 合作计划,解决问题和项目执行
  • 以专业的态度回应个人和组织的问题, compassionate and expedient manner
  • Cross-cultural competency: an ability to understand and effectively communicate with team members from different cultural backgrounds
  • Ability to clearly manage and refine systems; organize work flows and document and communicate policies and procedures
  • 具有良好的组织能力,能够平衡地处理多个优先事项, patience and professionalism
  • 熟练使用Microsoft Office办公软件(Excel, Word和Outlook)
  • 有会计经验和/或员工福利管理经验
  • 有兴趣在快速变化的环境中与充满活力和多样性的同事团队一起工作
  • Commitment to the mission of HCFA


  • 表现出对社会正义的承诺
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in HR/operations positions; experience in the nonprofit sector highly preferred
  • Experience and comfort with collaborating to run operations for a medium-sized organization and being accountable for strategy execution
  • 有从开始到结束管理招聘和雇佣流程的经验和舒适
  • 愿意卷起袖子,在需要时投入工作, 要认识到没有什么行动是太大或太小的
  • 适应快速和动态的工作环境,每一天都可能是相同的
  • 大力支持卫生协会的理念和使命——卫生公平,并与之保持一致, public health and consumer advocacy
  • 乐观协作的精神,有韧性和幽默感


  • Salary range: $70,000 -$80,000
  • Generous paid time off policy
  • Robust benefits package

Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter summarizing their interest in and qualifications for the position to: 请在主题栏中填写“人力资源和运营经理”.

人人享有卫生保健是一个机会均等的雇主. 鼓励有色人种、妇女和残疾人申请.


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